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Our 2nd Annual Gala was a great success!

Photos from this years Gala now available!


Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our 2nd annual Gala.  We are so appreciative of your support and very pleased that over 130 guests attended the event!

We are truly indebted to those who made the gala a special occasion including:

  • Jamie Scott, our keynote speaker, whose message (which we’ll post here soon) that no one is disposable beautifully illustrated one of the key principles of CoSA and restorative justice, and emphasized our reciprocal relationship to one another in the community. It was spot on!
  • James Foord, our emcee, who, in the 11th hour, replaced Lawrence Greenspon as auctioneer (Lawrence was tied up in court in Toronto). James really saved the day and helped us raise over $3500 in the live auction!
  • All the volunteers who helped to make the event run smoothly including Greg, Jessica, Emma, Andrea, Sue, Melissa, Thomas, Patrick, Miriam, Sina, Amanda and James.
  • Bob Cormier for his articulate overview of CoSA, both locally and in Canada, and his eloquent introduction of Jamie Scott.
  • All the CoSA Ottawa Board Members who graciously greeted and welcomed our guests.
  • Emma Gowing, who did a tremendous job on the flower arrangement centerpieces – real touch of class!!
  • Sponsors of the event including James Foord, John Edwards, Alice Doell, Nicole St. John, and Harry Nigh – your generous contribution really raised the bar, helping to make the gala a glamorous experience!!
  • Contributors of auction and gift box items – your generous donations helped to raise over $4600 for CoSA Ottawa!
  • Our official Supporters, who lend their name in support of CoSA Ottawa – thank you for your ongoing support for CoSA and your belief in us!
  • Thank you to the staff at Sala San Marco – everything was perfect! We hope to return next year!
  • Last and most importantly, to our Circle Volunteers and Core Members – for their patience with me while organizing the event; increasingly, as the date of the event drew nearer, limiting my availability to provide regular oversight and support. I will not forget that you are why we are here!!

Thank you, Susan Love


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