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CBC-Radio The Doc Project (November 29, 2016) Exiled in Canada: a sex offender finds refuge with Mennonites with Acey Rowe

CBC-TV Firsthand (March 10, 2016) I, Pedophile with Dr. James Cantor

The Walrus (August 2015 issue) The Better Angels by Jonathan Kay

CBC Podcast (September 30, 2015) Social worker defends reintegration program for Abbotsford sex offender Interview by Carol Off with Frank Sawatsky

Residents in Abbotsford, British Columbia have a resounding message for a new resident living in their community: “You are not welcome.” Frank Sawatsky, CoSA coordinator in Vanvouver, talks about his core member, James Conway.

The Walrus (May 10, 2015) Minding the Monster by Ed Tubb.  Congratulations to Ed for receiving a Canadian Hillman Prize 2016  Honorable Mention for this article.

The Walrus Podcast (April 17 2015) # 46 Minding the Monster by Ed Tubb (Into by Rachel Giese)

The Walrus (April 10, 2015) Breaking a Monstrous Cycle by Jonathon Kay (Editorial on Minding the Monster)

Ottawa Citizen (April 21, 2015) Circles of support for high-risk sex offenders deserve funding: Corrections Investigator by Don Butler

National Post (April 21, 2015) Tough on crime’ shouldn’t mean ‘soft on reason’ by Barbara Kay

Ottawa Magazine (April 2015) Support in the Shadows by Brielle Morgan

Ottawa South News (February 18, 2015) Cuts force support group to turn away sex offenders by Erin McCracken

Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment Blog (April 24, 2015) Scientific Inquiry, Even With Its Limitations, Should Prevail Over Ideology by Robin Wilson, Andrew McWhinnie, David Prescott and Kieran McCartan

iPolitics (March 4, 2015) Public safety vs. the politics of payback by Steve Sullivan

CBC News Politics (March 2, 2015) Sex Crime Prevention Program cut by Ottawa: Government Evaluation of Circles of Support and Accountability found it boosts public safety, saves money by Kathleen Harris

Church Council on Justice and Corrections An Evaluation of Circles of Support and Accountability Demonstration Project: Final Report by Jill Anne Chouinard and Christine Riddick

This report describes the process and findings of an evaluation of Circles of Support and Accountability (CoSA), an initiative that started in Canada and now has similar organisations in several countries around the world.


CoSA Canada



Huffington Post

Winnipeg Free Press

National Post

Global News interview with Otto Driedger, Chair of CoSA South Saskatchewan


Open Letter to Minister Blaney by Anita Grace, on the blog Critical Social Justice


Vancouver Sun

The Spectator


CoSA-Solidarity Facebook page

22 minute video on CoSA British Columbia



On May 7, 2013 CoSA-Ottawa Program Coordinator Susan Love was interviewed by CTV Morning Live as part of a two-hour program on sexual offending against children.
The other interviewees were:
o Sheldon Kennedy (via satellite, from Calgary)
o Child Protection Consultant Ron Ensom
o Noni Classen of the Canadian Centre for Child Protection
o Sgt. Jeff Webster from Sexual Assault/Child Abuse unit Ottawa Police Service
o Mariana Balla, President of Adlerian Counselling Centre; youth psychotherapist
o Conservative MP Shelley Glover
o Rick Goodwin, Executive Director of The Men’s Project
o Dr Fedoroff, co-director, Sexual Behaviours Clinic at the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre (and facilitator of treatment groups that many of our core members attend)



Ontario PC leader Tim Hudak created a Changebook for his political platform. His proposal for registered sex offenders can be found on page 31. CoSa Ottawa responsed to this ‘changebook’ by asking PC leader to reconsider with the following letter.

In addition, Andrew McWhinnie, National Advisor to The Associate Director General Chaplaincy writes the following e-mail in response to a radio interview with Dr. Robin J. Wilson on ‘Sex Offending and Communities of Support and Accountability.’

Dear friends in the Canadian CoSA community:
I want to congratulate Dr. Robin Wilson [who conducted much research on CoSA] on his superb performance on San Francisco Public Radio recently (see the link below). CoSA features prominently in this interview. It is a “model” interview for us to listen to and take guidance from in terms of how, whether in the context of CoSA or not, to address the very delicate issues of sexual assault in the face of a sensational story, in this case a story about the abduction of a young girl (Jaycee Dugard) who was then held in captivity and abused over the course of eighteen years. It was a tough assignment carried off with knowledge, aplomb and, as I said compassion.
This is probably the most concise, compassionate, and effective interview I have heard, and highly recommend it to anyone who may have to field media enquiries or requests for interview.
By Andrew McWhinnie, National Advisor to The Associate Director General Chaplaincy Circles of Support and Accountability Correctional Service of Canada
Click on the following link (or cut and paste it into your browser) to hear Robin’s interview.

Click on the following link to view the article ‘ Sex Offender Registry Shouldn’t Be Public‘ in the Ottawa Sun:

Dr. Robin J. Wilson, a certified clinical psychologist, researcher and educator, has worked with persons with sexual and behaviour problems for more than 25 years. Click on the following links to read about his involvement with CoSA:
COSA Schwartz Handbook
JSA Article March 2011
Wilson COSA 2001


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