Supporters are remarkable community leaders who lend their name in support of CoSA-Ottawa as well as provide advice and resources, when available.

Sheila Arthurs
Criminologist; retired
Andrejs Berzins
Former Crown Attorney for the Judicial District of Ottawa, Ministry of the Attorney General of Ontario
Lorraine Berzins
Former Community Chair of Justice, Church Council on Justice and Corrections
Charles Bordeleau
Police Chief, Ottawa Police Services
John Braithwaite
Past President and Board Member, Canadian Criminal Justice Association
Christopher Carr
Former Director General, Correctional Service of Canada, Chaplaincy
Jo Cassie
Former Member Citizens Advisory Committee, Ottawa Parole Office
Nils Christie
Norwegian Sociologist & Criminologist (deceased)
Pat Connolly
Former Co-Director, The Well/La Source for Women
David Daubney
Chair, Penal Reform International; Formerly General Counsel, Justice Canada
Paul Dewar
Former Member of Parliament, NDP
Aaron Doyle
Professor Criminology, Carleton University
John Edwards
Former Commissioner, Correctional Service of Canada; Former President, John Howard Society of Ottawa
Philip Firestone

James Foord
Defense Lawyer
Rick Goodwin
Clinical Director, Men and Healing
Susan Haines
Executive Director, National Associations Active in Criminal Justice; Former CoSA volunteer
Diane Holmes

Former Ottawa City Councillor, Somerset Ward
Ed Keeley
Deputy Chief, Ottawa Police Service
Jan Looman
Psychologist, Providence Care Mental Health Services
Patricia Love
Former Probation and Parole Officer; Founding member of CoSA-Ottawa
Kimberly Mann
Executive Director, Collaborative Justice Program; Co-Chair, Ottawa Restorative Justice Network
Liam Marshall
Research Psychologist, Penetanguishene
Janet McInnes
Former Director, The Well/La Source
Fraser McVie
Former Director General, Security, Correctional Service of Canada
Ronald Melchers
Professor of Criminlogy, University of Ottawa
James Murphy
Former Manager, Community Relations, Correctional Service of Canada
Lisa Murphy
Forensic Psychometrist, Royal Ottawa Mental Health Centre
Ana Paquete
Former Area Director, District Director, Northeast Ontario & Nunavut Parole, Correctional Service of Canada
Monica Patten
Interim Director, Resources for Mission, Anglican Church of Canada and former CEO, Community Foundation of Canada
David Pepper
Former Director of Community Development and Corporate Communications, Ottawa Police Service
Justin Piché
Associate Professor of Criminology, University of Ottawa
Sharon Rosenfeldt
Founder and President, Victims of Violence
James Scott
United Church Minister, Community Mediator
Geris Serran
Psychologist, Frontenac Institution, Correctional Service of Canada
Jill Skinner
Deputy Chief, Ottawa Police Service
David Snoddy
Director, Community Development, Ottawa Police Service
Don Wadel
Former Executive Director, John Howard Society of Ottawa
Irvin Waller
Professor of Criminology, University of Ottawa; President, International Organization for Victim Assistance and Violence Prevention
Donna Watson-Elliot
Manager, Victim Crisis Unit, Ottawa Police Service
Pamela M. Yates
President, Cabot Consulting and Research Services

If you are interested in becoming a Supporter or would like to recommend someone, please contact the Program Coordinator, Susan Love.

It is with great sadness that Nils Christie passed away on May 27, 2015. Mr Christie was a friend and Supporter of CoSA Ottawa. A few of us were blessed to dine with him after he spoke at a Restorative Justice event in Ottawa in 2011. He was a delightful and inspiring man! He will be sorely missed.

NilsChristieSusan Haines, Andrew McWhinnie, Susan Love, Nils Christie