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It is with great joy to report that CoSA Canada has been awared funding from Public Safety Canada (PSC) for five years,  June 2017 to June 2022. The purpose of the project is to facilitate our national organization in supporting all participating CoSA sites to build capacity in making communities across our country safer places to live for all; and to further evaluate the CoSA model.

We are very grateful for this funding and relieved the investment will offer a reprieve from focusing on our sustainability. However, given that funds from the federal government represent but 2/3 of our annual budget and that we entering the final year of funding from the United Way, we must continue to fundraise, although certainly with relaxed fervour.

We are so indebted to the Ottawa community for its incredible support through several difficult years. On behalf of our Board of Directors, Core Members and Volunteers, Thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way to help keep us afloat!!

Here is a link to Public Safety Canada’s announcement of the funding for CoSA.



Annual Appeal Message – December 2016

Imagine a society without fear of sexual assault – especially against our most vulnerable individuals – our children – and one where ordinary citizens are part of the solution. That’s what CoSA is all about!

Before I was in CoSA, my life was very stressful. Last time I got out of prison, I had no support. I didn’t know who to talk to. Now, I have my volunteers. I know for a period of time I wasn’t doing the greatest, but then I was able to talk with my volunteers and turn everything around. If I have a problem, they’re willing to listen and come up with solutions. If I didn’t have CoSA, I’d be back in jail because I don’t have that many people to talk to.


These are the words of “Frank”, one of our clients (who we refer to as ‘core members’), whose life trajectory has seen a dramatic and positive change since he became involved with Circles of Support & Accountability (CoSA). And because he now understands that his new attitude is directly correlated to decreasing his risk of reoffending, our community is that much safer.

We are inviting you to be part of this effective community safety initiative that has been operating in Ottawa since 1998. Your financial contribution to CoSA-Ottawa helps to prevent sexual offences in our community. In fact, independent research shows that the CoSA approach reduces rates of reoffending by 80%, which is why there are CoSA sites in 18 cities across Canada. And, based on the success of the Canadian CoSA model, CoSA now operates in many countries worldwide.

We are grateful to be receiving support from the United Way and a few anonymous foundations and individuals; however these funds cover only a portion of our expenses. Our annual budget of approximately $100,000 is small in comparison to the value CoSA provides to the community and the cost to incarcerate one male in the federal system which is approximately $115,000 annually. We work with, on average, 12 core members each year!

On September 30, 2014, CoSA-Ottawa (and all other CoSA sites in Canada) faced a significant funding shortage due to the conclusion of a five-year contribution agreement from the National Crime Prevention Centre (NCPC), a branch of Public Safety Canada. And, funding from the Correctional Service of Canada for CoSA-Ottawa, and most other CoSA sites in Canada, came to an end on March 31st, 2015 – with no option for renewal. Sadly, several CoSA sites across Canada have been forced to close their doors. We were fortunate to find the means to continue operating, and have even managed to flourish – currently with a record number (14) of circles.

Although our dedicated 50+ volunteers are the backbone of our program, they need the support and supervision a full-time paid program coordinator to help address the challenges and complex issues that inevitably arise.

We continue to seek new funding opportunities and this year we launched a year-end fundraising campaign, followed by a holiday Bake Sale on December 17th. In lieu of holding an annual Gala, next year we plan to focus on a number of smaller, more intimate friend-raising events – (more on this soon!), with a Gala every two years (next one in 2018). Our next undertaking will be participation in Race Weekend’s Scotiabank Charity Challenge.   We invite you to sponsor our team of 14 runners & walkers – CoSA Cares – just follow this link!

Please donate today! Your tax-deductible contribution will help CoSA-Ottawa provide the vital public safety services that benefit our community and will assist Frank, and many more like him, on his path to a new meaningful and crime-free life. We can all be part of the solution!


We are grateful to receive funding from:

  • United Way Ottawa
  • Anonymous Foundations
  • Individual Donors

And much in-kind support from St John the Evangelist Church, and other community partners.

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