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CoSA Volunteers

Mature, committed and responsible individuals are welcome to participate in CoSA-Ottawa’s Training Program.  Prospective volunteers must:

  • Be a minimum age of 21;
  • Participate in and complete the Volunteer Training;
  • Complete a screening process including: a volunteer interview, provide two character references, and a police background check (cost covered by CoSA), and
  • Make a commitment to be involved for one year.

What To Expect

    • Attend 1 circle meeting and 1 one-on-one meeting each week
    • Attend CoSA social events and Discussion Series, when available
    • Keep track of the volunteer hours involved with your Core Member, and submit monthly reports on activities, goals/progress, ect.

Please note: Attending the training does not obligate the participant to become a CoSA volunteer.

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