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Whether you are someone reaching out for help, a family member or a professional referring someone, the following checklist guides our assessment of an applicant’s suitability for a Circle of Support and Accountability with CoSA-Ottawa:

  • Has been convicted of a sexual offense(s) and admits to committing a sexual offense in the past;
  • Has been incarcerated in the federal or provincial system;
  • Has been assessed as being at risk to re-offend sexually;
  • Has high needs (i.e.: has little or no support in the community, special needs);
  • Agrees to share his/her correctional/criminal file and allow open discussion with involved professionals (psychiatrists, parole officers, etc.) with CoSA Ottawa by signing a consent form.
We trust that participants in CoSA will display genuine commitment to turn their life around by voluntarily entering into a supportive relationship with volunteers and agreeing to:

  • Honour the terms of the Circle Agreement by communicating openly with the volunteers;
  • Participate in counseling or other community-based programs, as recommended;
  • Commit to being involved for a minimum period of one year.

In order to begin the application process, applicants should send us a letter of interest. Once received, an application form will be sent, and an interview arranged (in person or by phone). After the intake discussion and consulting with professionals whom the applicant consents to speaking with us, we will be in touch with the applicant to confirm our decision of their suitability for CoSA.

Please note that, as CoSA is a voluntary program with no legal requirement to participate, we do not approve an applicant prior to being sentenced or a parole board hearing.

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